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J-1 Waiver Filing, H-1B Cap Exemption for IMG’s


What does H-1B cap exempt mean?
The H-1B cap exempt category was created by the U.S. Government to ensure adequate supply of skilled labor available to U.S. establishments in certain important sectors such as healthcare.  Sponsorships under the cap exempt category are throughout the year regardless of the H-1B quota situation.  Cap exempt employers such as Clinica Sierra Vista are those establishments which are not subjected to the annual H-1B visa numerical limitation as set by the US Government. 

Can my J-1 and H-1B visa needs be supported at any time throughout the year? 
Yes, as a cap exempt organization, Clinica Sierra Vista can begin to support and assist you with your J-1 and H-1B visa needs at any time as we are exempt from the quotas and filing timelines that are established by the U.S. Government. 

What is the Conrad 30 and how does this affect me?
In 1994, Senator Kent Conrad (North Dakota) addressed the issue of physician shortages in rural and urban areas of the United States by formulating the Conrad J-1 visa waiver program.  The Conrad program allowed each State's Department of Health to sponsor up to a certain number (initially 20, and now 30) international medical graduates (IMGs) each year for waiver of the two-year home residency requirement of the physician's J-1 visa. The approved Conrad J1 waiver applicants would be required to serve in federally designated shortage area (either rural or urban).

The program generally targeted physicians who fulfilled a U.S. residency training program in family medicine, general obstetrics, general pediatrics, general internal medicine, and general psychiatry. In 2003 the Conrad program was reauthorized and increased the number of state sponsored waivers to 30, thus the name “Conrad 30.”

As an “exempt” organization, the Conrad 30 rule does not apply to Clinica Sierra Vista.  We are able to begin your visa support outside of this quota and at any time. 

Do many healthcare organizations offer visa support?
Yes and no.  In order to qualify as an exempt organization, Clinica Sierra Vista is required to meet certain criteria set forth by the U.S. Government.  Not all healthcare organizations meet or maintain this criteria and therefore cannot guarantee the success of your visa and/or green card obtainment.     

My goal is to obtain a green card.  Can you help me with this?
Yes.  As a physician for Clinica Sierra Vista, we can support your immigration process up to and including the obtainment of a green card.

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