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Sudha Russell, MD

“I chose Clinica Sierra Vista for one main reason: I loved the mission statement. So far, I have not been disappointed. Clinica really does follow their mission statement. They are caring for people that very few people want to care for; Patients with complicated, chronic diseases and acute illnesses. The providers and the clinics try hard. As a provider, one of the best parts is, that your medical assistants are people from the community, so they give from the heart- it’s not just a job. They assist us to care for the patients and they culturally wake us up.

Recently, I have been able to pursue a real mission that I have, which is to manage overweight children. On my free time, I am going to start a fitness program and running class in Lamont. In addition, I have been tasked by the Chief Medical Officer to put together clinical guidelines, or protocols, for weight control in children because as we all know, pediatric obesity is a huge problem for the United States and for our community.

I’ve done everything you need to do in pediatrics: I’ve been in private practice, I’ve done the last 7 years in academics as a faculty member at a university, and I’ve been in the US Air Force as an active duty Lieutenant Colonel Physician.  I’ve done this type of work before in Florida and feel that this is my favorite position.

What I like best about Bakersfield is that it reminds me of the small town that I grew up in, but Los Angeles is less than 2 hours away."


Nadereh Ebrahimi, DDS

"I came to America after I married. After I graduated from Boston University, I went back to my country because I was teaching in a dental school where I was an Associate Professor. When I returned to the States, I heard California had a rule that if a person went to a specialty program and passed their boards on the first time, they were eligible to start working in a Community Health Center under a limited license.

I saw a job opening and when I came to interview, they told me they were going to open the first dental community health center in Fresno. I was hired in September 2007 and we officially opened the clinic on the 3rd of November. I was the first dentist at the community health center in Fresno.

Personally, I enjoy serving the underserved. That’s my passion. I have a passion for helping people who are in need. I really enjoy my work and doing it for people who appreciate that work. They can’t believe it when I deliver their dentures. Some of them cry because they are so happy. This is a little thing we do for them. I recommend Clinica to any person who has a passion for helping people; this is the best place. You have skills you are proficient in and there are many, many, many people who need your skills. I really enjoy the work I do."



Javier Hernandez, NP

“I was raised on the east side of [Bakersfield] and my parents used to take me to Clinica Sierra Vista. At that time I had a family member who used to work for Clinica so I always saw the pictures of the providers on the wall there and I always thought about working for a place like Clinica Sierra Vista. I decided to go to school to be a Nurse Practitioner because it would take less time than medical school and I would be able to work right away. Clinica Sierra Vista was always on my mind; not just to come and work, but also to do my preceptorship or training through them.  The staff at Clinica and the kind of patients we serve are the main reasons I am still here. I like serving the Spanish speaking community, especially the elderly patients. I see there is a need for Spanish speaking providers and being able to help and provide services for those who are not able to speak the language. I have recommended Clinica as a place to work – it’s a good place to get training and experience and all of that, but also Clinica Sierra Vista is doing great things, not only for the community, but for the providers which is why I decided to sign on with Clinica for another five years. We do a lot of good work at Clinica, serving the underserved and uninsured- we’re providing, from my point of view, great health care services for those who actually need it.”  




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