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Employee Testimonials

Mercedes Macias, Health Center Office Manager

“The best part about working here is being able to help the people. I feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing that I made a difference by helping someone even if it is a minor difference. Many of the patients I work with, being minorities and farm workers, benefit from the services Clinica provides. Clinica is a great company that provides many services to our communities which I am happy to be a part of. They offer great benefits that other companies may not offer. It is a company where you are able to grow within. I, myself, benefited from this; I was willing to learn and expand my abilities to be in the position I am now. I began as part-time in Administration as an Assistant through a program in high school. After I graduated then going to college later returned part-time as a Medical Records Clerk. Once in Medical Records I was given the opportunity to move to Front Reception. Willing to learn and gain more knowledge I would assist the Office Manager and the Assistant during that time. Later I was promoted to Assistant Office Manager and seven years ago I was given the opportunity to take the Office Manager role. I knew it was going a big challenge, but I took it and now here I am.” 




Jesus Zamora, Front Desk Reception

"I have been here for three years. Originally they were accepting graduates from school and I was going to apply for the MA position. The supervisor who was interviewing told me I had more of a chance of getting a job at the front desk and so I said okay I’ll do it. And I actually liked it - it’s fun helping people out. Wanting to help patients out is what keeps me going and I know they really need it. I told one of our patients that I always treat the patients the way I would want my family treated at the doctor’s office. I guess it’s my calling. I was originally applying for law enforcement before I got into the medical field. I was trying to be a border patrol agent. I was going through the process when I applied here. My views have changed from law enforcement to the medical field because there are so many patients who need the help and there’s not alot of places that give it."




Harriette Nestle, Patient Care Assistant

“I started at Clinica nearly 11 years ago. I came in as someone with no experience. They sat me in front of a computer and told me 'this is how you look up medical records'. That’s how I started to learn. I was fresh out of CNA school, wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, and I had a friend who worked here. When I got the job it was only supposed to be temporary. Once I started working with the people and I started to learn and enjoy what I was doing, I decided to stay.  For me, I really love my job. Most of our lives are spent at our job, so it’s personal. And you have to look at it as it’s a part of you. Before I started working at Clinica, I was a patient. I didn’t have any insurance, I had no money, I had no job and I came to Clinica and they helped me. It was meant for me to be here.  So I gave back what was given to me and I give it back every day.”


Carlie Yang, Certified Enrollment Counselor

“I love to help people and I love to be part of the community. I believe the best part of my job is when I help a client finish an application. They feel so relieved and they feel very thankful for me. I tell our clients 'It’s okay. Everyone has their issues. We all have our problems and I understand where you’re coming from because I’ve had alot of issues growing up.' It hits home and you feel their pain. And you try to keep strong and I try my best to encourage clients. At the end when I finish their application, they’re very grateful and just that feeling that you’ve helped someone with something as little as helping them apply for a program, it feels good. I see Clinica as somewhere I can grow and help people. Not only do I like to help the community, but I like to help my fellow co-workers. If they need help with something, I don’t mind helping them, taking it out of my time.”


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