Providing Compassionate and Affordable Care in Kern, Fresno, and Inyo Counties Since 1971

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Welcome To Clinica Sierra Vista

Clinica Sierra Vista was formed in the small Kern County farming community of Weedpatch in 1971 by a group of idealists and visionaries to provide quality health care to migrant farmworkers who harvested the lush agricultural fields in the southern San Joaquin Valley but struggled to afford even basic needs. We're honored to continue to serve the men and women of the fields but have expanded our footprint throughout the Central Valley, offering care and support to the inner city, the rural and isolated, those of low, moderate and fixed incomes and families from an array of cultural backgrounds who speak several languages. We don't inquire about immigration status because we simply don't care. If you come to us, we will treat you.

We attribute our growth and success to the simple guiding principle established in our early days that has never, ever changed: Health care is a right for all, not a privilege for some. We often hear from patients that their first visit to a doctor was at a Clinica Sierra Vista community health center. That's a privilege and a sacred responsibility; we are humbled by their trust.

Clinica Sierra Vista is a comprehensive healthcare organization, serving the primary medical, dental and behavioral health needs of about 200,000 souls in Kern, Fresno and Inyo counties. With the continued support of federal, state and local governments, we have been able to reach out to thousands of new patients, offering comprehensive programs tailored to the needs of those we serve over a vast geographical region in the heartland of California.

We know that health and wellness cannot be narrowly defined, that it encompasses a person's entire life. That's why we are leaders in delivering services to address problems like homelessness, substance use, teen pregnancy and other struggles that can lead to despair and compromise health. We also can say, with a great degree of pride, that we are recognized as a social justice organization, advocating tirelessly on behalf of our patients in a range of areas, not just healthcare. The vulnerable need a voice and we have tried to add ours to the chorus since our founding.